Interprofessional Online Panel Discussion

Interprofessional Online Panel Discussion -- Tuesday, June 16th, 2020 

Dear Friends,

Pastor Subash Cherian together with Pastor Hantz Andre, Pastor Valerie Surrett, and the Trustees of the Highland Church is in the process of developing guidelines and procedures to reopen the church safely in accordance with Federal, State, and City laws. To this end, Pastor Subash Cherian will be hosting an online panel discussion on Tuesday, June 16th, from 4:00 -6:00 pm with a distinguished group of physicians who will present highly relevant and needed information based on their expertise and experience. Highland Church members who are involved in fighting COVID-19 — Physicians, nurses, technicians, hospital directors, staff, and members of the Highland Health team—are invited to join this meeting to hear the information that will be shared, ask questions and give valuable insight from your personal experience that will be of great assistance as we carefully and strategically plan to reopen the church building.

Panelists will include:

Dr. Ajit Isaac, MD-MPH Epidemiologist; Worked in CDC and was part of the team who wrote the handbook for pandemic preparedness. Served the ministry of health in Zimbabwe; Served in Africa fighting Ebola, Zika virus and other epidemics, and as a consultant in pandemic preparedness.

Dr. Jacob Kumaresan, MD Served as Executive Director at World Health Organization, Past President, International Trachoma Initiative; served as WHO representative in several nations for 25 years. Advised the national government on health matters, led and oversaw the health aspects of the transition from MDGs to SDG and addressed health inequities in urban settings.

Jean Robert Brutus, MD Johns Hopkins University, Executive Director of the “Aba Grangou”. Worked with the UN and several health organizations, Administration Unit (UNAG). Served as Social Protection Senior Advisor to the Haiti Ministry of Social Affairs and with wide experience with contagious diseases and epidemic outbreaks. Dr. Brutus is Ps. Subash's daughter’s father- in- law. Both he and his wife Carol are physicians actively involved in helping and touching many lives.

Bernard Andre, Senior PA, Registered Physician Assistant who has been in the forefront of fighting COVID-19 in the epicenter of the pandemic in Queens, NY. He brings a wealth of information on the effects of Coronavirus. He is the son of Pastor and Mrs. Hantz Andre.

If you would like to be a part of the meeting, please call the church office at (718) 297-7475, and we will get back to you with the conference information. Please note, space is limited. Thank you for your help in this very important endeavor.

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