COVID-19 Update 5/23/20

As you know, President Trump has deemed that churches are essential service (even more than abortion clinics or liquor stores) and have given permission to re-open. In order to properly prepare for re-opening, the church will continue online-only services on May 24, 2020.

We will also follow the State laws and will announce the official date for resuming in-person services. The building will be sanitized prior to re-opening.  When we re-open, we will adhere strictly to government and CDC guidelines, including social distancing and requiring all staff and guests to wear masks.

When we re-open, we will begin by having only our Sunday and Wednesday worship services until further notice. If the local laws apply to 10 people, we will open only the chapel. But as restrictions are eased we will open the main sanctuary and in order to keep the safe distance and give more space than required, we will open the 3 service on Sunday as we did, thereby giving our congregants more safe distance. We suggest that more folks from the 10:30am move to the 7am or 8 am service. We will also section of a wider space particularly for our seniors.

As always, you may call the church office at (718) 287-7475 for assistance.  All information and updates would be available on our website “” You can also get information on our Face book page.

As we re-open, your safety is our utmost concern and we want to adhere to everything geared towards it . Thank you for your patience.

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